A Woman Said “Men Are F**king Dogs”, Regrets It Immediately After Ex-Boyfriend’s Friend Reveals Her Biggest Secret

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We, humans, have a tendency to blame thing on others if it doesn’t go according to how we planned it. It’s the easiest thing we can think of because what would it take to accuse someone, right? After all, blaming someone don’t require self-improvement, you don’t have to admit that it’s you who is wrong and not the other person and doesn’t require reflection too. We think of getting rid of all these by just accusing someone. Why go through all of that if you can simply blame others and let them take the heat? Well, if you ask me, I would say because it can seriously put you in even worse position by backfiring on you. That’s what happened to this woman who made a Facebook post, saying “Men are f**king dogs.” At first, there were some people who backed up her ballsy claim, but then her ex-boyfriend’s friend joined the conversation and explained why she was no better and revealed her biggest secret.

Read the complete story about this woman blaming but it backfires her when her ex-boyfriend’s friend reveals her biggest secret. This is what happens when you become a hypocrite and call the firefighters because that burn was so strong, it’s still flaming.

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