Ivanka Trump Made Black History Month Tweet And Twitter Slammed Her Bad

Since Donald Trump became the President of US he has been involved in controversies quite a lot and so is his daughter Ivanka Trump. She has always been tweeting or saying things that get her slammed or cause controversies. Sometimes I wonder why does she even tweet things like these because every time she makes a public statement it surely doesn’t go well. And still, she doesn’t learn from her mistakes and keep making it again and again, and this time she made Black History Month tweet.

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The black history month just began on 1st February and the daughter of Donald Trump decided to “honor” the tradition.

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But like always at the end of her tweet managed to disrespect and negate everything she’d written in the beginning of that same tweet. You can’t really know how many things this Trump family can ruin all at once.

Ivanka Trump Made Black History Month Tweet

Ivanka Trump’s problem is that wants to celebrate “all Americans, regardless of race or background” during Black History Month is that Black History Month is about the Black History.

If we diminish the specificity of honouring black heroes throughout our nation’s history, we are participating in the exact erasure and sanitization of the Black experience in America that Black History Month seeks to prevent.

Ivanka Trump Made Black History Month Tweet

There have been times when she didn’t even try to condemn her father’s comments and actions. And now it’s late and we know all she cares about is herself and her family and not for the nation.

Ivanka Trump Made Black History Month Tweet

We can’t deny the fact that she is complicit. But this time it’s beyond the point and her Black History Month tweet is so insulting because of how blatantly it tries to perpetuate the lie that Ivanka cares. She is surely much more of an active accomplice to Donald Trump’s terror than a tacit follower.

Ivanka Trump Made Black History Month Tweet

And how can Donald Trump stay away from it? Time and again he proves that he is a racist.

Ivanka Trump Made Black History Month Tweet

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