22 Hilarious Tumblr Posts About Cats That You Just Can’t Afford To Miss

Cats are independent and extremely intelligent animals. Cats are one such animal that won’t hesitate to demand whatever they want, be it attention, food or to be left alone. When a cat wants to get your attention, it will either endlessly meow at you, follow you all around or rub against your leg. According to a study, it was shown that a cat sleeps for 70% of its life, can you believe it?! They rub against human not only to be affectionate but also to mark out its territory with scent glands around its face. The tail area and paws also carry cats scent. So much to know and learn about this amazing creature, isn’t it?

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So Tumblr decided to put up a few Tumblr posts about cats and you just can’t miss them because they are too funny to miss!


Hilarious Tumblr Posts About Cats


Hilarious Tumblr Posts About Cats


Hilarious Tumblr Posts About Cats


Hilarious Tumblr Posts About Cats


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