Guy Share How Her Friend Had A Horrible Netflix & Chill Date And It’s Going To Make You Laugh Hard

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Well, you can’t deny the fact that dating is not meant for everyone. And it has been proved from a lot of stories, tweets, and posts that we read on the Internet every day. There can be various reasons behind it, maybe you can’t find someone that you feel deserves you or maybe the one you like is already in a relationship. In the world of multi-faceted people, it’s really difficult to differentiate between what’s fake and what’s real, especially when it comes to the dating part. Whatever your reason, I am quite sure it can’t top the following story. And I am pretty sure that all the awesome, sexy and cute people you have met and who are single you always ask yourself why they are single? Well, if the following story is anything to go by, it’s because they have seen some real shit in their love life. So let’s read a story shared by this guy about a friend of his who had a horrible ‘Netflix & chill’ date!

Source: Twitter

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